How do we overcome challenges when we live in ”interesting times”? Unleash your untapped inner resources at this special event.

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Learn more about Gary Stuart’s special style of Constellations. Watch “End Pain,” a video Interview and more.


What exactly is a Constellation Experience? It is a deeply healing process that allows your subconscious to reveal…

Lauren’s Story

“The profound work and world service to humanity of Gary Stuart has helped me to create breakthroughs in my life! We went into “the field” with a goal of unblocking obstacles to prosperity and success as a fine artist and what showed up was layers of multiple-generational beliefs and attitudes around money and love. This work is simple, surprising, and truly can move mountains of “unknown and unconscious” patterns of thought and behaviors inherited from our ancestors, who are not even on planet earth anymore, however, impacting our current lives today! Highly recommend “taking the leap” into this work with Gary!” — Lauren R.

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    Gary Stuart

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What happens in a Constellation Healing Experience?