Gary StuartPersonalized Bowen Bodywork Healing Sessions

Double-Certified Bowen Practioner

I’ve been a Massage Teacher and Double-Certified Bowen NST (Neuro-Structural Integration Technique) Practitioner for 15 years. This is one of the best modalities I’ve ever experienced both as a client and as a seasoned healing professional. This technique, from Tom Bowen of Australia, allows the body to unwind and reorganize itself in a holistic way in just a few sessions. The Bowen Technique simply states that it’s our own body that makes the deep healing changes. Learn more about Bowen from Gary at BlogTalkRadio >

Bowen discovered that, through his therapeutic touch, patterns could be triggered to awaken the brain-body dialogue, allowing the client to let go of adaptive/negative patterns that their bodies physical, emotional and/or systemic states have manifested. The body will then take charge and use this “Bio-Logical Blueprint Activation” to make deep, lasting and profound change. We’re after permanent healing and change, not endless sessions. Our human body is the true healer. Bowen clients are recommended to have a couple of sessions to allow their body to heal and transform. It’s truly holistic and serves the whole being on every level as Body, Mind and Spirit are unified in a healthy, functional, cohesive way.

Bowen therapy restores vitality through relaxation, allowing the brain and body to make systemic changes. Your body will readjust to living without trauma or dysfunction from any period of your life. I pride myself on giving intuitive and emotional support as I know it’s not easy to let go of life long patterns and traumas or challenging lifetime conditions that you may have experienced or inherited.

It was through experiencing and practicing Bowen Bodywork that I was led to become a Double-Certified Constellation Facilitator. I have learned much from this field. We all carry the burdens from our family systems of origin and our body is their body through our shared DNA. This biological epigenetic field is now coming into public awareness and showing that our own bodies can carry the memory of previous generations dis-ease, physical, and emotional suffering. As a 15 year practitioner of this modality, I have many profound tools and skills to guide anyone to better health, from a newborn with birth trauma to a geriatric in need of a better quality of life and well being. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your situation and reserve an appointment.

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