Star Rep Gary Corb ponders “What’s in it for me?”

Problems and issues are the norm, especially in our complicated, techno society. We all try and deal with them in our own ways. Sometimes we use therapy, sometimes we just talk to friends. However, what if the problems keep reappearing in our lives and we can’t see to get rid of them?

Constellations provides a different way of looking at our lives that helps. Constellations says we are not just “lone wolves” struggling to survive by ourselves. Instead we are part of a vast, interconnected, ancestral community that extends far back into the past. Even though most of our ancestors are not alive, we carry their DNA inside of us and that can affect our ability to solve problems, have healthy relationships, be successful at work and all of the things that really matter most in life.

Since you are a survivor in your family system (congratulations!) we know that your family has given you a lot of strength because only the really strong people’s genes make it into the next generation. But what about the problems your family may have faced? Problems like abuse, alcoholism, war, illness, emotional problems, and more. How do you deal with that by yourself? Constellation Healing Experience gives you a way to experience the effect of your past family history on you right now, in the present.

What is a Constellation Healing Experience? Subconscious bonds and deep loyalty exists within each family or organizational system. Constellation work uses this systemic field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous members, whose fates can persist and become entangled in subsequent and current generations.

The idea is this. We all live and breathe in a field of invisibly connected ‘systems’ – ancestral family systems, social/work systems, cultural systems, and spiritual systems. Each one of those systems is like a huge “net”, holding everyone and everything together to ensure the system’s strength and survival.  If there has been trauma in a system, it’s like damage to the net; the system itself is weakened and those close to the damage are especially vulnerable to harm and/or dysfunction.

Approaching a problem or an issue with a Constellation is rather like discovering and mending the damage that has occurred in the ‘nets’ that contain and profoundly influence it.  The problem or issue is held in an ancestral family net, social and/or work nets, cultural nets, and/or spiritual nets – and that is where a Constellation can mend it, where it’s healed.

How/Why Does It Work? Acknowledging these conditions can allow a resolution to arise that honors everyone and restores the flow of love and acceptance. This enables healing within the system. What Happens at the Constellation Event? Using Bert Hellinger’s effective “living constellation” method, participants reconstruct their family or organizational system to identify and solve fundamental issues. Participants can choose among these levels of involvement:

  • Observing from the seating circle
  •  Representing a person in someone else’s family
  • Placing their family in the circle using representatives

Issues that can be transformed during a Constellation

  • Re-Incarnation / Past Life An accelerated method to get to the problem you’ve been living with your whole life.
  • Inner Victim, Inner Perpetrator Resolve client’s conflict between inner selves.
  • Releasing the Dead How to release the dead and convert from haunting problem into blessing and support for client and family.
  • Past, Present and Future Ways to identify which problem area to be worked on.
  • Family Tree Find your proper place in the system and identify unborn/missing members.
  • Dyad & Triad Used for a variety of subjects (obesity, addiction, self-esteem…).
  • Unifying Body, Mind & Soul Integrate multiple parts of self into whole.
  • Prosperity Prosperity workshop for money, career, success.
  • Caretaker Supporting the ill and their family, plus caretaker challenges.
  • Organizational Transforming invisible dynamics present in business and career.
  • Romantic Entanglements How to resolve and heal past romantic and sexual histories

The Constellation Goal If we can dream it, then it can come to be. The Knowing Field that expresses potentiality in any Constellation taps into your subconscious, allowing forward movement in the direction that you seek for healing, growth and resolution.

The Working Participant This is any person who has the intention to improve their life on any level. Their positive desire for the BEST possible outcome is key. Their unconscious impulses will become conscious. They will see what they carry, who they carry it for, and whether or not it’s even theirs. Deep changes will energetically take root in their life on what ever level they need for improvement.

The Representative’s Role A Rep is any person who you pick to work on your behalf. They support your excursion into the deeper aspects of ANY invisible dynamics that are unconsciously stopping your progress on any level or in any part of your life.

Constellation Subjects Health, money, relationships, love, interpersonal conflicts, work, business, organizational, family issues, divorce, financial, trauma, incest, child abuse, war, violence, childhood, parents, grief, loss, anger, sexuality, intimacy fears, phobias, and historical events.

Constellations provide a unique window into these secret alliances and entangled energies in your life which stop your life-force, from moving forward. Subconsciously, you may feel there is an unspoken debt that needs to be paid before you can find fulfillment.

By revealing these entanglements, you have the ability to create healthy boundaries between those who came before you and yourself today. Each generation has a chance to start anew, and any perceived “price” left to be paid is not yours to pay. Their karma is theirs, not yours. Family loyalties are strong, and we often take on burdens that are not yours to carry. Without realizing it, you can do so in order to feel you belong to the family system. Ironically, you belong anyway, without doing a thing. But this often creates an emotional entanglement of guilt.

If you begin to do well, you may feel guilty for not suffering like they did. Shame is another family dynamic which can keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Even though you may outwardly say  ” I don’t need anyone’s approval,” inside you may often feel hurt and excluded within your own family system. Even fear can be used to stop us in our tracks if we dare to venture too far from the familial pattern.

But while these may be the negative ties that bind us, there is a way to transform these entanglements into actual support. Subtle family dynamics affect your prosperity on many levels, and the Constellation process allows you to see how you got to where you are. The result is you can leave whatever is not serving you in the past, and move forward into a freer, more prosperous and unencumbered future.


Fee for a Family, Ancestral & Systemic Constellation Session is $295. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying online or with a check to secure your working client spot.

Distance Constellations

All Constellations can be done or from a distance. Consciousness knows no time or space. We set your goals and complete an historical questionnaire which we discuss before we work. Then I create a detailed email report and/or have a closing telephone or SKYPE Consultation after. Fee for a Distance Constellation Session is $395. Please RSVP in ADVANCE by paying online or with a check to secure your working client spot.


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